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MacKeen Consultants Inc. (MCI) assists researchers and device companies in the area of R&D and FDA regulations.


MacKeen Consultants, founded by Dr MacKeen in 1980, offers an unique consulting service focused primarily on ophthalmic devices.

MCI can provide any degree of assistance in phases of activity related to an ophthalmic product development and approval. As demonstrated by our past projects, we are confident that we are able to facilitate the development of your product at any level, from conceptual matters to final production and approval considerations.

An effective and efficient interaction is enabled by Dr MacKeen's multi-disciplinary educational background combined with decades of experience in  ophthalmic manufacturing, interactions with the FDA and participation in projects with medical school ophthalmology departments. His personal knowledge is enhanced as needed by the ad hoc counsel of a group of medical and scientific colleagues.

If you have questions regrading a products associated with dry eyes, drug delivery, corneal structure or the treatment of retinal detachment, please feel free to contact us